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S01E08: Brendon Briggs


Since stumbling into the craft of filmmaking in 2000, Brendon has worked both independently and professionally in and out of Perth’s film industry. Through his company, blueJester Productions, Brendon has worked for multiple not-for-profit organisations as a writer, director, and producer – including a Filmmaker Residency with World Vision Australia.

In 2011 Brendon discovered a total disappointment in how he had come to treat filmmaking with a career focus (as he had begun it purely because he enjoyed sharing stories) and went on to shutdown his company. Since then he has concentrated on exploring the craft of storytelling with film as just one medium. His approach to storytelling is now based around alternating experiments in the process by which the story is created, rather than a concern and focus on the final creative piece. The main focus of his obsession is in challenging real people in fictional worlds and circumstances to push and explore the human condition.

His second feature length drama, The Lone Traveller, is the first of these experiments and has led to a major expansion of the experiment through an ambitious storytelling project in Rwanda, Rwandan Stories of Love. Brendon will also publish a series of eBooks over the next 18 months including a children’s novella and a collection of real and fictional stories & passages based on the internal experience of living with Bipolar and Depression.

You can find Brendon’s work at

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