Perth Artists

Documentary Series


Perth Artists is an ongoing documentary series that follows a range of local artists in diverse creative industries. Started in 2014 by Perth artist and filmmaker Peter Cheng, Perth Artists seeks out both emerging talent and established professionals in creative industries – opening a dialogue between artist and audience.

The documentary series gives insight into a range of creative professions including painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, street artists, filmmakers, actors, Indigenous artists, musicians and dancers. The pieces are structured around edited interviews with the artists as they talk about their work, their intentions, the successes & failures they have faced as an artist in Perth, and their future works and aspirations. The interviews are cut alongside visuals of the creative individuals working in their personal art spaces – exploring the processes that they follow. The goal of the series is to bring about exposure for developing artists, to seek out established professionals who want to inspire future emerging artists and to highlight the creative works being produced in Perth.

The series also extends to an accompanying book – a catalogue of the artists featured in the Perth Artists documentary series. The book features unabridged transcripts of the interviews from the documentary series and photographs of the artists studios and work. The book will be available for purchase online, and as an eBook.