Perth Artists

Documentary Series

S01E04: Carla Adams


Carla Adams is a Perth contemporary artist who is currently working on her Honours project at Curtin University. Alongside her arts practice she is the curator of the Hard Work Club: an online space that showcases early career visual artists, designers and writers.

Carla’s work focuses primarily on modern courtship and how human interaction has been warped with the introduction of digital technologies & networking (including Instagram, Omegle and Chat Roulette). Using a range of crude sculpture materials that are often regarded as “low-brow” or “crafty”, Carla’s work reflects the naivety of the online space and its users. Her work straddles an obscure; playfully unique aesthetic: A satirical poke at the world that both inspires it and encapsulates its existence.

Carla’s work can be seen online at

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